Material & Care


sofine polish


Our jewelry is handcrafted from quality 10k solid recycled gold. All of our gold is sourced ethically.We make jewelry to last a lifetime which means we only believe in creating pieces that are made with care and attention to the finest details and finishes.
All gems used in the jewelry are ethically sourced from India which are then cut, polished and set within each piece.
Our gold-filled pieces are all handcrafted in New York City with recycled 14k gold. 


Sofine jewelry pieces are made to last for everyday wear and are able to be worn in water without tarnishing.
Polish your jewelry pieces with our gentle polishing cloth monthly to maintain a golden shine.  If you do not have a polishing cloth we recommend gently polishing your jewelry with warm water and dish soap using a soft toothbrush. Remember to always use a gentle touch when polishing. 
Gold-filled is made to last through wear when taken care of. To take care of your gold-filled pieces we recommend storing your piece in a sealed zip-loc bag to prevent oxidation. 
If your piece seems to looks a little dark, you can use our polishing cloth to gently polish the surface to make it look as new.