The Founder | Simran Gill

Simran’s connection to gold jewelry begins with her grandmother,  Bibi Ji. When Simran was a child she would wait for Bibi Ji to come back from India every year and sit on the floor, at the edge of the suitcase, eyeing all the beautiful fabrics, sweets, and jewelry Bibi would pull out with such love and warmth.  One particular year Bibi Ji brought back a gold jewelry set for Simran and it symbolized her eternal connection to her grandmother. Losing Bibi Ji in  2002 when Simran was only six years old, their connection never severed and Bibi’s maternal energy became a guiding force to everything Simran did in her life. Although the gold jewelry set was stolen a few years later, it became the sole inspiration for the beginning of Sofine Jewelry.

During her studies, she took a trip to the gold market of Dubai with her mother and sister, Isha. While wandering the gold markets in the Dubai heat, Simran found a similar  jewelry set gifted to her from her Bibi Ji which sparked an answer to her purpose in this life: to create gold jewelry that can connect stories, people, and energy forever. This is how Sofine begins.

Our Philosophy 
At Sofine we believe in the energetic power of jewelry. We look to our Indian roots, our Indian mothers, as the center for divine inspiration when creating jewelry. This sacred and spiritual connection to the divine feminine  is our grounding.
We wish to heal the universal feminine spirit within us all. Our aim is to raise awareness in areas where this energy needs healing. With pure intention, we at Sofine wish to create jewelry that is encoded with messages of love and healing  for all.